Skeletal Strike is an Attack Card.


This Attack is for high-Courage Creatures. When used, a skeletal being emerges from the Attacker's body and single-mindedly goes after the opponent at any cost.

The Card

This Attack has a Build Cost of 2, a Base Damage of 10, and its effect allows the attacker to inflict an additional 10 damage if the user's Courage is at least 15 higher than its opponent.

In the Show

Card Owners

  • Codemaster Crellan
Codemaster Crellan (as Ursis) used this move to defeat Tom (as Dractyl) in Episode 13, battle lesson.
  • Major Tom
Tom has used this attack multiple times, not much, but notable.


  • Episode
  • Episode


Cromaxx has a similar, yet more powerful Attack called Skel-Evolve Strike. Tom, as Maxxor, was also able to use this Attack thanks to the Mugic Modulation.

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