Sleep Sting is an Attack Card.

"'What's wrong Chaor? All this battling tried you out?'"
Maxxor, after using Sleep Sting in Maze of Menace

Attack Origins

Background Information

The Sleep Sting Attack sprays a barrage of stingers at the opponent. The stings themselves deal some minor damage, but if the Attacker can win a Wisdom Challenge, the target of Sleep Sting will suffer additional damage. Sleep Sting is most commonly wielded by Creatures of considerable Wisdom, such as Tartarek and Drakness, as they're most likely to benefit from the full effect of the Attack.

Card Information

Basic Stats

Build Points : 2
Base Damage : 10
Fire Damage :
Air Damage :
Earth Damage :
Water Damage :


Challenge Stat Wisdom Wisdom 15: Deal 10 damage.

Insight on Card Abilities



If the Attacker wins a Wisdom Challenge against the enemy, Sleep Sting does 10 Base Damage and an additional 10 damage. At a Build Cost of 2, this is a great Attack with huge potential.


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