Slurhk is an OverWorld Creature. It resembles a scorpion.


An Overworlder who looks like a green and blue scorpion with red eyes.


The only Overworlder known to be selfish and spiteful. Slurhk has a fierce grudge against the Mipedians, beleiving that since he lives in the Mipedian Desert, he should control it and that the Mipedians are his enemies. Slurhk believes he should reclaim his desert homeland- one Mipedian at a time.

Courage: 35-45

Power: 35-45

Wisdom: 30-40
Speed: 30-35

In the Show

In the episode Shifting Sands, Slurhk attacks Tom and Peyton while they where in the desert but were saved by Tiaane. Tom thought he wasn't a Overworlder because he was evil.


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
15 Shifting Sands No Yes
33 Train Wreck Yes No


Slurhk attacks Tom and Peyton and chases them into a crevice, which Slurhk says no-one survives in. Later, Slurhk sees Tom and Peyton survive a sandstorm in the crevice with the help of the Mipedian Tiaane. Slurhk then follows the threesome to Tiaane's home, where he attacks them. Tiaane then sacrifices himself to help Tom and Peyton get away.
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