Smildon is a Tribeless Creature released in Alliances Unraveled. He is super rare.

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Smildon resembles a large, blue, muscular, and somewhat feline beast with very large, angular claws tipping mere stubs for fingers and toes, long tusks protruding from his elbows and heels, and a pair of equally long fangs (though one is shorter, likely serving as a battle scar) reminiscent of the Saber-toothed cat from which he most likely gets his name.


Smildon is a Tribeless creature (In the show he is an Overworlder). Tom met up with Smildon in the episode "Chasm Quest." The aging warrior hoped to use Tom's scanner to transport away from the Chasm and the Blight. After explaining and saving Tom from Blight, Tom promised to help save Prexxor Chasm. Some time later, Tom returned, saying he had found someone named Garv capable of curing the Blight. Smildon aided his human friend in obtaining a sample and using the created cure to destroy the Blight and save Prexxor forever.

Character History

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
24 The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 1 Yes No
32 Chasm Quest No Yes
55 Blight Fight No Yes


Smildon found Tom and tried to use his scanner so he can leave Prexxor Chasm. Some sort of Blight threatened the inhabitants.
Tom kept his promise to help the creatures of Prexxor Chasm. With help from Garv, Tom and Smildon destroyed the Blight.

Card Owners

Used against Tom's Maxxor but easily lost.
Acquired after the Blight threatening Prexxor Chasm was destroyed.


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