Song of Mandiblor is a Danian Mugic

Mugic Background

The Song of Mandiblor is a Mugic almost as familiar as the Chorus of the Hive. The Song of Mandiblor grants the individual Danian the Discipline strengths of the collective of the Tribe, granting the target Creature more Speed, Wisdom, Courage and Strength. The potency of the seven notes of the Song of Mandiblor grows with the number of Danian allies targeted by the song. This kind of “scalability” is typical of much Danian Mugic.

The Card

(1MC): Target Creature gains 5 Courage, Power, Wisdom,and Speed for each Danian in Play until the end of the turn.
Listen and learn the true strength of the Danian tribe - when you face one, you contend with all.

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