Sons of Stasis
Song of Stasis
is a Mugic that can freeze an opponent. It can last a very long time and if the victim isn't unfrozen, his/her body may eventually die.

Pirates stole a chest of this Mugic from its Overworld protectors en route to a fortress. The captain, helms and and navigator went to an uncharted island to bury it. But overtaken by their greed, they all attempted to use a Mugic they took to attack each other but ended up freezing themselves. Their crewmates were so terrified by screams that they didn't bother to come ashore. Nauthilax is still alive due to the mugic's ability that Antidaeon used.

Also, in Season 2, M'arrilian Invasion Raznus used the mugic on a group of UnderWorlders sent by Chaor to assasinate him. He stated, "The Song of Stasis is ment to immobilize one opponent. The effect will not last long on two." Raznus was later turned into a Danian by Odu-Bathax






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