Song Of Truesight
190-Song Truesight
Card Information
Card Number Dawn Of Perim-88
Card Type Mug Mugic— Generic
Rarity Uncommon
Televisual Information
Appears in Chasm Quest


Mugic Info

The seven notes of the Song of Truesight can be a chilling sound to the ears of the invisible Mipedians. This Generic Mugic robs Mipedians of what is usually considered their greatest advantage in battle. Casting it summons Mugical energy that bestows the ability to see anything that is out of phase with Perim, and, therefore, invisible to the naked eye.

Card Information


Target Creature loses all Invisibility abilities until the end of turn
A melody may help you see things more clearly, so how can sound be invisible?

TV Show


Tom used it on Peyton in Chasm Quest

Card Owners



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