Card Information
Card Number Unreleased-{{{number}}}
Card Type Creature —

Uw UnderWorld Creature

Rarity Template:Text-Unknown
Biograhpical Information
Gender Male
Eye colour Red
Loyalty Underworld
Enemy Non-Underworlders
Inhabits Underworld
Televisual Information


Spyder is an UnderWorld Creature. He greatly resembles a spider.


Spyder's appearance and abilities are very similar to that of his namesake.

Background Information

Spyder is an UnderWorlder with the task of both spying on the other tribes and protecting his own.

Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Spyder is a loyal UnderWorlder.


Spyder has many enemies in the OverWorld, including Zalic and Bodal. He aslo appears to have developed a grudge against the humans, Tom Majors and Kaz.

Card Details

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
6 The Thing About Bodal No Yes
16 Fallen Hero No Yes
52 From the Deep (Part One) No Yes
53 From the Deep (Part Two) No Yes



The Thing About Bodal

Fallen Hero

From the Deep (Part One)

From the Deep (Part Two)


His card art is a version on Tasquas.

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