Stelgar is an UnderWorld Creature. It resembles a starfish or seastar.


Stelgar is a creation of Mommark, which resembles a small, blue and green starfish in water, but grows exponentially when exposed to sunlight. Even though he was created by Mommark who belongs to the Overworld, Stelgar is an Underworld creature


Stelgar was created by Mommark. Apparently, whenever he leaves water and enters direct sunlight he becomes stronger and grows very large. Peyton accidentally releases Stelgar but he is rescued when he is sucked into the underworld through a massive tidal wave created by Peyton in an attempt to rescue him from destruction by Staluk, Owis and Gespedan.

Stelgar is later scanned by Kaz and is part of his chaotic deck. Stelgar was later captured and brainwashed by the M'arrilians and is currently serving them. Because of this Stelgar has a new appearance. Instead of a sea star, he looks totally abnormal for the moment.

The Card

Here is how the card appears in Stelgar's first appearance.


Power and Abilities

When Stelgar deals attack damage, it gains 10 to all disciplines.

If Stelgar has more than 125 Power, destroy it.

The original card

Brainwashed: When Stelgar wins combat, put one Mugic Counter on it.

Brainwashed: If Stelgar has two or more Mugic Counters on it, destroy it.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
23 Stelgar Strikes No Yes
38 Big Time Yes No
43 The Floundering Father Yes No


Peyton, Kaz and Tom go on a scan quest in Mommark's Castle, where they discover Mommark's creations. Peyton accidentally releases seemingly harmless Stelgar, who then goes on a rampage, destroying the forest before Staluk and other creatures finally put a stop to him. In the final scene, Stelgar is shown to be sucked into a whirlpool, and being helped out of the water of an UnderWorld pond by Rothar.

Stelgar is Kaz's last creature facing off against Vollash in Ravanaugh Ridge. Kaz manages to get some sunlight to grow Stelgar and defeat Vollash to win the Match.

Card Owners

  • Kaz, he has a tribeless scan

Character History


  • In Stelgar Strikes Kaz is eaten by a giant Stelgar, which he narrowly escapes back to Chaotic by use of his scanner. He remarks that he can "add it to his list of things never to do again."

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