Stone Mail is a Battlegear Card.

Stone Mail
Stone Mail .aspx
Card Information
Card Number Dawn of Perim-157/232
Card Type Bgr Battlegear
Rarity Ultra Rare2.4
Televisual Information

This battle gear is an very strong battle gear because it makes the equipped creature gain 50 more energy.

The Card

In the Show

  • Rockwave And Roll

Card Owners

  • Player Name'

Tom Major



Because any Creature Stone Mail is equipped to loses all abilities, this Battlegear can be used to eliminate Recklessness damage dealt to the equipped Creature. This can be incredibly useful with Mipedian Warbeasts, which tend to have high Recklessness values (10-50). Some Creatures also have negative abilities which can be dealt with by using Stone Mail. Two of these are Warbeasts without Recklessness. They are Ixxik, who reduces ten Energy on all other Creatures you control, and Gintanai (The Forgotten), who demands the sacrifice of a Creature each time he wins combat.

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