Stone Pillar

Local features

Carved from rock, Stone Pillar was once the most important outpost in the UnderWorld. But all its warriors met a terrible fate. Did the UnderWorld Mugician who haunts the pillar cause their destruction … or was it something even more sinister?


Few Creatures ever dare to enter Stone Pillar. After the warriors at the outpost were lost, Chaor sent a high-powered delegation to investigate the catastrophe. None of the Creatures who went to solve the mystery were ever heard from again. Ghuul is one of the few UnderWorlders who has entered the pillar and survived to tell the tale. However, he’s not talking. When asked about his adventure, Ghuul just lets out a deep growl and shoots the questioner a menacing look.

Card Flavor

Without the Pillars there would be no Over and no Under, but simply one World.

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Stone Pillar is an abandoned subterranean outpost haunted by a spooky UnderWorld Mugician.

Card ID 141
Card Type
Set/Rarity Icon
Location Initative Wisdom