Storm Tunnel is an Overworld Location Card.


The Storm Tunnel is the end of a miles-long canyon. As winds grow in intensity and velocity through the canyon, its sides grow smoother. Finally, at the southernmost end of the canyon, the wind has carved a humongous tunnel out of the rock.

Background Information

Xaerv calls the Storm Tunnel his home, which may explain his crazy character. OverWorlders joke that the winds make his head spin. Xaerv is all about Speed, however. Maxxor has a game he likes to play with Xaerv when visiting the tunnel. He hurls a dozen balls into the turbulent tunnel one by one, each a different color. Xaerv must retrieve the balls in the exact order that Maxxor tossed them. It seems like an impossible task, but Xaerv succeeds every time.



Card Owners


Card Text

Air attacks deal an additional 5 damage.

Damage dealt by Water attacks is reduced by 5.

Even those who cannot fly do so here.


The wild and windy Storm Tunnel makes doing Air Attacks a real blast.

Basic Stats

Card ID 142
Card Type Location
Rarity Common
Location Initative



Storm flooding StormTunnelCardStorm lingering monsoon

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