Stronghold Morn is a Location Card.


This strange structure is actually a monument. A perpetual, otherworldly fire burns in the mouth of Stronghold Morn. It gives visiting Creatures mastery over Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in tribute to the mighty heroes who fell at this spot.


Stronghold Morn was built centuries ago in memory of a terrible war among all four Tribes. By the final battle’s end, there were heroes on every side, many lost forever. The Tribal leaders agreed they would never fight again and built the Stronghold Morn monument to remember their pledge. The monument is carved with the visages of the brave fallen from each tribe. When the monument was dedicated, the creatures of Perim were sure there would be lasting peace among them. But that was long ago ...


All Creatures become Elemental masters at Stronghold Morn, the site of Perim’s most famed battle.


Strong hold morn is the home of the overworlder named gronmor .He is the gaurdian of this historical place.

The Card

Set: Dawn of Perim

Initative: Speed

At the beginning of combat, both engaged Creatures gain Elemental Types Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Unique

In the Show

Card Owners

  • Klay
  • Sarah
  • Tom
  • Kaz
  • Peyton


Many more struggles have taken place at Stronghold Morn: the Aging of Maxxor, Kidnapping of Velreth and Maglax, Mutation of Ulmar, and the Treaty of the Morn. (citations and explanations needed.)