For Creatures that rely on Discipline scores in their combat tactics, the Supercharged Alterant offers a formidable piece of Battlegear. When revealed it will temporarily increase one Discipline score by a staggering 100.

Background Information

Blazier first discovered the Supercharged Alterant while he was mapping the frozen wasteland of Glacier Plains. While charting one of the many ice caves, Blazier noticed a strange anomaly within the ice. In a small pocket of water, kept warm by Mugical energies emanating from the device, sat the Supercharged Alterant. No one seems to know how it ended up there or who made it. Blazier brought the device back to Maxxor, who placed it in the Kiru City armory under the care of Bodal.

In the show, it is instead built by Ulmar, and later used by Swassa in Chaor's Commandos.


The Supercharged Alterant can increase one Discipline score tremendously – for a while.

Basic Stats

Card ID 304
Card Type Batllegear
Rarity Unknown