Tangath Toborn

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"As long as there's Chaotic, he will never be forgotten"
Kaz, Hotekk's Challenge

Tangath Toborn
Tangath Toborn
Card Information
Card Number Dawn of Perim-5
Card Type Creature —

Ow OverWorld Strategist Warrior

Rarity Srare Super Rare
Biograhpical Information
Gender Male
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Green
Height 7 feet 3 inches
Weight 294 pounds
Loyalty OverWorlders
Inhabits Spiritlands
Preferred Location(s) Kiru City


Preferred BattleGear Sword of Khy'at
Televisual Information
First appearance The Thing About Bodal
Last appearance Son of The Spiritlands


To many OverWorlders (among others), Tangath Toborn is the model of what a Warrior should be. His strong body is clad in metal armor, and he is seldom seen without his mighty sword, the Sword of Khy'at. It is an awe-inspiring sight when his great red mane blows in the wind.  He used to wear a blue loin cloth in season 1, (which was innacurate with the card art), but wears pants in seasons 2 and 3.

Background Information:

Tangath Toborn is both a cunning Strategist and a mighty Warrior from the Spiritlands who joined the Overworlders. When he’s not battling or searching for the Cothica, he can usually be found in Kiru City. Here he fills his role as an OverWorld Strategist and advisor to Maxxor. Tangath Toborn sees the ongoing Tribal wars as a necessary evil. His driving ambition is to retrieve the Cothica and possess it for the OverWorlders. He believes this will ultimately help end Perim’s ceaseless turmoil.

During the M'arriliian Invasion

When the M'arrillians were freed, Tangath Toborn went to the Overworld battle academy and started training under the watchful eye of Najarin. During this time he learned how to use the element of water, increased his disiplines and learned how to restore his disiplines to their original states to counter many M'arrillian disipline draining threats.  He left later and become a general in the unified Perim army.


Tangath Toborn was sent to lead a brigade to Glacier Plains in an attempt to stop the M'arrillians in flooding Perim, Tangath had planned to use Symphony of Stasis mugic to stop the M'arrillians from melting a glacier. He was to late in stopping the actual device used to melt the glacier so he had to stop the actual wave of water, which had crashed into him while he used the mugic, ultimately the mugic had stopped the wave. Blugon later sent a report to the PSI group saying Tangath's fate was currently unknown.

In the next season Tom had said he wished Tangath were still alive. It was later proved that Tangath Toborn was frozen within the tide and Tangath's team couldn't get him out of it. In the episode Son of the Spiritlands, it was revealed that Tangath and Heptadd are from the Spiritlands, and that his Sword of Khy'at keeps him anchored to Perim. After his sword is destroyed by Maxxor, he is freed from the glacier and goes to Runic Grove to stop Vitog, an old enemy of his from the Spiritlands from destroying Perim. When this is done, he bids farewell to Maxxor and Heptadd, and goes back to the the Spiritlands in order to prevent his true death.

The four Tribes and many Chaotic players later built a memorial in his honor. Though he is now trapped in the Spiritlands, it is hinted that he can still visit Perim for very short periods of time. If he goes over this limit he will fade into nothingness.

Special Abilities:

Tangath Toborn is a Creature of many talents. He’s skilled in the use of Mugic and has learned to use Mugical Energy to heal himself. When attacking, he relies heavily on the Elements of Fire and Earth, which he uses with expert precision. Details:

Tangath Toborn is a mighty Strategist Warrior in the OverWorld.


Stat Courage Courage :
40 (30—50)
Stat Power Power :
45 (35—55)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
40 (30—50)
Stat Speed Speed :
30 (20—40)
Energy :
30 (25—35)
Mug Mugic Counters : Mug 1
(1MC): Heal 10 Damage to Tangath Toborn
"I battle because I must. But in my heart, I know that war is not the answer." -- Tangath Toborn

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
6 The Thing About Bodal Yes No
7 Buggin' Out Yes No
13 Battle Lesson Yes No
15 Shifting Sands Yes No
17 Scavenger Scan Yes Yes
24 The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 1 Yes No
31 Fire Fighters Yes No
37 Going Under Yes No
40 Fighting Friendly Yes No
46 Chaor’s Commandos (Part One) No Yes
47 Chaor’s Commandos (Part Two) No Yes
48 Mega Match Yes No
51 War Beasts Yes No
54 Tale of Two Toms Yes No
55 Blight Fight Yes No
57 Putting the Muge in Mugic No Yes
64 Triple Threat Yes Yes
65 Last Stand (Part 1) No Yes
66 Last Stand (Part 2) No Yes
71 Hotekk's Challenge Yes No
79 Son of the Spiritlands No Yes

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