Tartarek Psi Overloader is a powerful OverWorld Mugican, now controlled by the M'arrillians.

Character Origins


Tartarek is a heroic and wise Overworlder who resembles a humanoid tortoise. He wears a robe in the animated series.

Background Information

Personality and Behaviour

Tarterek is known for being very wise and also very brave, he looks like a turtle so he kinda behaves like one, he only goes into battle when it is absolutely necessary and if he ever goes into battle he fights with all his heart and courage.

Under the influance of the M'arrillians Tartarek is cruel, cunning and wicked.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

He is an overworld creature therefore his loyalties lie there. He has strong ties to Maxxor, and is one of Maxxor's most reliable strategists.

Sadly thanks to M'arrillian mind control Tartarek is now loyal only to the M'arrillian.


Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :



Release and Promotion

TV Show

Tartarek is first placed under M'arrillian mind control in the episode From the Deep (Part Two). It's possible that unlike the other gate keepers, he was not freed aftrwards.


Card owners


He has the ability to switch places with the creature next to him. Like in Over Under Rent Asunder where he switched places with Heptadd.



  • Taetarek is the only brainwashed creature that can use his regular abilities while brainwashed, meaning the Mugic cards Deep Dirge and Minion's Freesong have no effect on him.
  • He can defeat Rath'tab, Aa'une the Oligarch (Avatar), and, potentially, Ritzu'dag (depending on its Scanned Disciplines) without using Attacks or Mugic Counters simply by activating his second ability (as these chieftans can each have 100 or more wisdom from their stats and/or abilities).
  • He is the only non-M'arrillian Creature that has an ability which allows him to discard Mugic cards to destroy Creatures. This ability is the inverse of Fal'makin's, which allows the player to discard two Mugics to destroy a Creature with 0 Wisdom.

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