Tharax is an UnderWorld Creature. It resembles a spike-shelled crab.


Tharax looks like a spike shelled crab with four arms and four legs.


Tharax is a loyal UnderWorlder who has been given very important missions in Chaor's attempts to conquer the OverWorld. Tharax's prime enemies are Yokkis and Intress. His closest friend is Zalvar.

Character History

Tharax was pranked by Yokkis several times in the Forest of Life, near the Riverlands.

The Card

  • This was released as a demo card at the ComicCon.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?

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5 Crash Course No Yes 12 BattleDrome of the Sexes Yes Yes 44 Colosseum Showdown No Yes


Card Owners


In a Chaotic match where Peyton battled Krystella, one of the battles had Krystella as Tharax attack Skithia. Despite her efforts, Tharax was coded.

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