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After seven victories in the Crellan Drome, Tom is challenged to another match by CodeMaster Crellan. In preparation for his match, he scans Mugic that he is tricked by Klay and Krystella into believing it will double his power, but it really switches their stats.


Tom's team was Tartarek, Maxxor, Antidaeon, Tangath Toborn, Deenha and Blazier. Crellans team was Cromaxx, Gleptodd, Ariak, Ursis, Smildon and Proboskar . Before the match tom scanned a new mugic called modulation . H'earring said it belonged to Rarran and doubles a creatures energy. But the mugic actually switches attack abilities. Tom didnt know that. First Maxxor attacks Smildon in Pouril Forest. Tom easily wins. Next was Maxxor vs Gleptodd in Sha-Kree Flats , a location that decreases energy (actually Sha-Kree Flats is suppose to give an elementalist another element at the begginning of combat).

Tom continually attacks Gleptodd and loses energy. He uses modulation to gain energy. Tom realizes the Mugic didnt heal him. Gleptodd finishes Maxxor off with a Lavalanche . Then it was Tangath Toborn vs Ursis. Tom got rid of Ursis' Drawskin with a Rot Cloud. (rot cloud doesnt destroy battle gear. it deals damage based on if your opponent has an element of earth and air). However Ursis was sacrificed so Cromaxx can be moved to the back of Tom's team. Its Cromaxx vs Blazier in Prexxor Chasm . Tom realises Cromaxx is a caveman version of Maxxor !

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