The Domhammer is a battlegear

The Doomhammer
Card Information
Card Number Silent Sands-067
Card Type
Rarity Template:Text-U
Televisual Information
Appears in Colosseum Showdown


The doomhamer is a battlegear that is weilded almost exclusively by Hammerdoom Chantcaller thus it's name. Creatures who weild it gain the ability to deal extra damage to any UnderWorlder or Danian. UnderWorlders using this gear gain a moderate boost in power as well whereas Danians gain increased control over the Earth element.


It resembles a warhammer that is on fire.

Card Text

Equipped Creature Deals an additional 5 Attack Damage to UnderWorld and Danian Creatures.

If Equipped Creature is Danian , it has an additional " Earth 5".

If Equipped Creature is UnderWorld , it has an additional 50 Power.


TV Show

  1. Colosseum Showdown

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