The Thing About Bodal is an episode in the American animated television series, which was first broadcast on 17 February 2007. It is the sixth episode of the first season.

Short Summary

"Tom and Kaz have an unexpected encounter with Bodal, who becomes the pivotal player in Tom's next battle after the rest of his creature cards have been defeated."

Plot in Detail





Agro999 is voiced by David Wills who voiced Tyrano Hassleberry in the english Dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh GX


When Kaz picks out the Bodal card to show the stats to Tom, the picture in the scanner is Maxxor.

When Tom and Kaz are looking for Spyder's battlegear, Tom's shirt turns black.

Origianl Airdates

February 17, 2007 @ 11:30AM (eastern)


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