The Ultimate Guide To All Things Chaotic

Packed with never-before-seen art and exclusive content, this guidebook to the entire Chaotic universe includes sections on the internationally successful trading card game, the 4Kids animated television series, and the popular online game. There's something for every fan within this 192-page full-color book that also includes the history of Chaotic and an exclusive poster.


  1. Creating Chaotic
  2. The World Of Chaotic
  3. The OverWorld Tribe
  4. The UnderWorld Tribe
  5. The Danian Tribe
  6. The Mipedian Tribe
  7. The M'arrillian Tribe
  8. The Past
  9. Chaotic: What Tribe Are You Quiz
  10. Locations
  11. Attacks
  12. Battlegear
  13. Mugic
  14. Creatuing Chaotic: The Cards
  15. Creatuing Chaotic: Online
  16. Creatuing Chaotic: The TV Series
  17. Episode Guide
  18. Create A Creature

Creature Featured

Featured OverWorld Creatures

Featured UnderWorld Creatures

Featured Danian Creatures

Featured Mipedian Creatures

Featured M'arrillian Creatures

Featured Past Cards

Featured Locations

Featured Attacks

Featured Battlegear

Featured Mugic

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