Theb-sarr is the Mipedian king. He has been in self-imposed exile, a rite all Mipedian kings must go through Crown Prince Iflar has been ruling in his stead.


A blue humanoid dragon with dark blue dreadlock-like mane and slightly taller than his nephew Prince Mudeenu, wearing a purple armour, blue cape and gold arm bands.

Character Information

The second M'arrillian invasion of Perim is now coming to an end, and things have changed. Kaizeph, the City of Elements, has been elevated from beneath the waves of Lake Ken-I-Po, the ruined city of Kehn-Sep is being excavated, and it is time for the king to come back and rule Mipedim. The last king to live in exile is Crown Prince Iflar's father, King Theb-Saar. With Theb-Saar, the living legacy of the Mipedim monarchy has returned to the heartlands of Mipedim, bringing with it the final defeat of the M'arrillians at Rao'Pa Sahkk and the opening of the Storm Gate of Kaizeph. Along with the king, legendary Mipedian Dragons and their winged riders have come back to the Oasis and have instilled a profound sense of pride in the Mipedians. There is a renewed belief that the Cothica will be found by a Mipedian and that it will bring peace to Perim at the hands of King Theb-Saar.


  • He was the only Tribal Leader which wasn't released as a card or appear in the show!
  • He is the Mipedian King and Iflar is his son, earning next in line of the throne.