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Tom and Kaz go on a topsy-turvy adventure when they look for Sarah and Peyton in Kirvak Mound (a series of cavern within Skeleton Springs). They soon discover that the effects of Kirvak Mound have de-aged Sarah to a little girl and aged Peyton to an old man. The Overworld is seen to be flooded. A M'arrilian tentacle grabs a past creature. Tom watches as Najarin is defeated by a strange new creature called Milla'iin.

When they look for Sarah, they find other portals leading to various points in history which would lead to various futures. It is later discovered by Rhaden that the portals in Kirvak Mound are actually possible futures of what will happen to Perim.


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Getterek (Kaz) vs. Kelvedran (?)

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•This is the first episode to feature the Ma'rillians.

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