Toadore is an UnderWorld Creature. He resembles a toad.


A toad-like Underworld creature, Toadore looks much like Toxis without the red hair.

Character History

Not much about Toadore is ever revealed in the show. He does appear briefly as one of the racers during the episode "Perithon!" but is the first to be eliminated, and makes no further appearances.

The Card


Toadore is a pretty typical underworld card, boasting high power, courage, and the fire element. Because of his acceptable energy stat, disciplines and lack of mugic counters, he can make a decent front line creature. This is further supported by the fact that his ability can only be used while he himself is engaged, allowing him to destroy battle gear on your opponents frontline creatures early (many of which will be equipped with cards that boost stats in order to make them protect the backbone creatures better).

In the Show

Card Owners



  • "Perithon!"
Participated in the parithion for the UnderWorld, however he was the very first racer to be eliminated.