Torrent of Flame is an Attack card from the Chaotic Trading Card Game and is very popular among players in the TV series. This Attack draws upon the opposite Elements of Fire and Water in order to make a rushing Torrent of Flame.

"No ones ever survived my torrent of flame attack!"
―SamShady as Takinom, Welcome to Chaotic


When this Attack is made, an overwhelming Torrent of Flame rushes towards the target, as if the flames have been liquified. Creatures caught by the Torrent of Flame are struck by intense heat as well as by the physical force of the Torrent stemming from the Water Element of this Attack. A few Creatures have mastered this Attack, but most Creatures must rely on Battlegear—such as the Pyroblaster or the Liquilizer—in order to use Torrent of Flame to its full effect.

Card Information

Basic Stats


Build Points : 2
Base Damage : 0
Fire Damage : 10
Air Damage : 0
Earth Damage : 0
Water Damage : 10


TV Show


  1. Welcome To Chaotic
  2. Castle Bodhran or Bust, Part 1
  3. Fire Fighters

NOTE: Attcks that resemble torrent of flame have been used but were not named.

Card/Scan Copies and Owners

  1. MajorTom
  2. KidChaor
  3. SamShady


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