Underworld 2
Underworld city
Proud but somewhat run-down, UnderWorld City was built in a colossal cavern in the center of Chaor's subterranean kingdom.


Chaor rules from his castle-fortress that dominates the city. Life isn't easy in UnderWorld City; In addition to tremors and cave-ins, city dwellers have to worry about fire geysers. Whole neighborhoods have been engulfed by the flame-spewing jets, which erupt without warning. Chaor goes to extreme measures to protect his capital, believing it's better to lose part of the UnderWorld City than risk losing all.

If two UnderWorlders get into a fight, they fight in the colssuem. This decision was made due to the endless fighting in UnderWorld City.

The M'arillians temporarily conquered the UnderWorlders in Episode 23 when Lord Van Bloot and Phelphor's armies surprise Chaor's armies.


The capital of the UnderWorld tribe is located on an extent cavern near Iron Pillar. Like any place of the underworld, the cavern contains flame gazers, over those was constructed the city.


  • Chaor's Palace
  • Underworld Colosseum
  • H'earring's house
  • Mugic's Mine
  • Infernal's Inn



Lord of Treachery

Scavenger Scan

Colosseum Showdown

From the Deep

UnderWorld Overthrown


Kickin' Bot

Threshold of Destruction

Known Residents

  • Chaor
  • H'earring