UnderWorld Colosseum is a Location Card.


There used to be nonstop fighting in the UnderWorld. In response, Chaor ordered that all argument's are to be settled in the Colosseum. Each creature is allowed one battle gear and one mugic for battle.

By long tradition, internal Tribal conflicts are always settled in the Colosseum. With room for thousands of spectators in the galleries overlooking the fighting area, UnderWorld Colosseum is also a top entertainment attraction in Chaor’s kingdom.


The Underworld Colosseum may be based on the Roman Colosseum.


The UnderWorld Colosseum has seen many battles, but none is more famous than the showdown between Dardemus and Miklon. It started as a simple disagreement over whose turn it was to pull guard duty in The Pits. Things quickly got out of hand, and Chaor ordered them to settle the dispute in the Colosseum. Their knock-down, drag-out battle lasted for eight days until both of them collapsed. By then all the spectators were gone and both warriors had forgotten what they were fighting about.

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UnderWorlders have a simple way of settling arguments here: the last one standing is always right.

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One of the many pillar cards there is like: Castle Pillar, Jade Pillar, Stone Pillar, Wooden Pillar, etc.


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