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With the Underworld in peril, Chaor vows to destroy the M'arrillians once and for all! His bold plan involves ambushing the M'arrillians in a fiery trap. As the battle begins, Kaz scrambles to de-brainwash H'earring before they're both caught in the cross fire! Lord Van Bloot's mind was controlled by the marrilians, then Van Bloot's army overthrew Chaor who wasn't expecting it. Chaor then fled the Underworld.


During Kaz's second attempt to rescue H'earring, Chaor and the UnderWorlders with him plan to ambush the M'arrillians in a fiery trap involving Ulmar's Annihilizer near the Marsh of Murk. To keep them from succeeding, Aa'une tells Phelphor to have Lord Van Bloot (whom Phelphor gained under his control) and his army to take advantage of that. When Kaz ends up mind-controlled, Tom tries to rescue Kaz while Sarah and Peyton look for the Mindbander BattleGear. Though it is a success for both Tom and Chaor, Milla'iin took control of Rarran at the last minute before the Annihilizer's attack hit. Aa'une speaks through Rarran stating that the M'arrillians have survived and that Lord Van Bloot's army has taken control of UnderWorld City. This spells trouble for Chaor and the UnderWorlders that are with him.

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  • At the end when Tom is using his scanner to zoom in on M'illian's minions the scanner is erroneously coloured red instead of blue.

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  • Lord Van Bloot usurps Chaor as ruler of the UnderWorld
  • H'earring is rescued from M'illian (along with the other minions)



"I am Aa'une, supreme ruler of the M'arrillians. And you are Chaor, former ruler of the UnderWorld."
―Aa'une (via Rarran), UnderWorld Overthrown