Uro is a Mipedian Creature.

"I have come to loathe this endless sea of sand."


Uro is a large, powerful Mipedian and his great Courage matches his strength. He often wears breastplate armor and carries a large shield for extra protection in combat. To many outsiders, Uro looks friendly. (Well … friendly for a Mipedian.)

Background Information

Uro is calm, responsible and favors planning his battle strategies carefully in advance. He’s anything but impulsive. From an early age, Uro showed remarkable fighting skill and has served the Mipedians in a variety of ways. He’s always able and ready to take on whatever duties he’s assigned. When he’s not on duty, Uro frequently travels outside the Desert, making him one of the few Mipedians who’s had personal contact with non-Mipedians.

Special Abilities

Uro is highly skilled in the Mipedian art of Invisibility. Against most foes, Uro will not only manage to get the first strike, but his first Attack will also be particularly damaging.


Uro is a very capable Mipedian Elementalist who has often traveled extensively outside the Mipedian Desert.

Basic Stats

Card ID 230
Tribe Mipedian
Set/Rarity Icon Unknown
Mugic Ability 0
Courage 60
Strength 60
Wisdom 40
Speed 60
Energy 45
Creature Height 7 feet 10 inches
Creature Weight 386 pounds
Favorite Battlegear Aqua Shield

Ring of Na'arin

Favorite Location Mipedim Oasis

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
48 Mega Match Yes No

Card Owners


Tom(mega match)