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"But can you handle Ursis?"
―Crellen to Tom, Battle Lesson

1561 PRT
Card Information
Card Number Alliance Unravelled-
Card Type Creature —

250px-Chaotic logo  Tribeless Past Warrior

Rarity Ultra Rare2.4
Biograhpical Information
Gender male
Hair colour White
Preferred Location(s) Prexxor Chasm
Televisual Information

Ursis is a Tribeless creature.


Ursis is a Warrior Muge that inhabits Prexxor Chasm. He has mastery over earth attacks, as well as 3 Mugicians at his disposal. Combining these techniques with his hulking figure (as seen in Battle Lesson where Ursis is much taller than Staluk), Ursis makes for one tough opponent. His preferential BattleGear appears to be the Drawskin, a belt with an assortment of colorful jagged and smooth gems that block just about any attack. Ursis is mainly, bipedal, though completely capable of quadrupedal movement. He has green eyes, grey/white fur covering his body, with twisted black/brown horns jutting from his head and shoulders, curved tusks near the edges of his mouth, along with a slightly prehensile tail. In the show, Ursis has the ability to sacrifice himself in order to move any creature to any spot of the board, as seen used by Codemaster Crellan in The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 1.

Card Details

Ursis is an Ultra Rare, Tribeless creature which was released in the set, Alliances Unraveled. His card type states that he's a Past Warrior Muge, and as such he has 3 Mugicians available (although as a tribeless creature he can only cast generic Mugic) and an average of 80 energy with no special ability. He was the first creature from Prexxor Chasm to be seen.

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :
Mug Mugic Counters : Mug Mug Mug 3
Though Ursis appears ferocious, in reality he is much fiercer then you can imagine

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
13 Battle Lesson Yes No
24 The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 1 Yes No

Creatures Appearences


Card Owners

  • Codemaster Crellan


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