Valanii Levaan is a ruthless Danian Noble who rules with strength, not Wisdom.


Valanii Levaan is a powerful Danian with a ferocious appearance. On his gray and red exoskeleton are large spikes, which underline his prickly nature. Like many nobles he is very intimidating.


Valanii is a Danian Noble, and his leadership position is due to his heritage, not any innate ability. He’s completely self-centered and only interested in increasing his personal clout. He uses threats and intimidation to get his way. To his aristocratic peers, it’s clear that Valanii is not a suitable candidate to become a unifying Danian leader. That may, in the end, be a big problem for him, as the Queen will only support a Danian who considers the interests of the Hive as paramount He makes many harsh demands of his squadleaders. He is the overseer of many squadleaders of the Danian tribe. He isn't known for his kindness. When the Hive is active, Valanii Levaan gets a big boost in Power. He also favors using Earth Attacks when he’s in battle.

In the Show

You don't really see this creature much in the show. The only time you see him was in the episode "A Flux Too Far". You should watch closely or you might confuse him with Ekuud.

Card Owners

  • Sarah

Sarah uses Valanii Levaan against Tom in a battle in Mount Pillar. It was against Zalic, but she is defeated in this match


Character History


  • Funny thing is that Valanii Levaan looks a lot like Ekuud and Kebna.
  • If you look at his picture, you see him holding an alive squadleader's body from the head and he is standing next to a body of a beheaded squadleader.

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