Viceroy was the director of technical development.


Welcome Chaotic Friends,

So I thought I would redo my introduction to the community. I want all of you to know what is happening and why it happens in the world of chaotic.

I took over Chaotic Development about 3 months ago joining Tc Digital and 4 Kids Entertainment from Sony.

Over at Sony I was a Senior Research and Development Engineer, for instance I wrote the realtime Cloth Simulation that was on Ps3 and is currently being used in DC Universe for superman, batman et al. Which was annouced at Comicon.

I have 20 years of game design, programming and production experience, so I bring a huge amount of experience to chaotic and the chaotic team. I have written more than 35 games, I've written game engines that have been used by sony, lucas arts, midway just to name a few.

You might have noticed some changes in the product recently :smile: More visual effects, a ton of bug fixes, security fixes, improved trade, completely implemented Card sets (both master and prentic) and new versions of the game without heavy install requirements (shaderless version) and also mac version of the game. This is just a small hint at what is going to be occuring. I mean a small hint.

This was a tip of a giant iceberg.

Expect new things in the future, by new things I am not talking just new cards or even a new effect. I mean radically new game play elements to make the game even more fun. More dazzle, easier UI, faster game play, cleaner installs and if you're especially nice to XIXAX there might even be some new web stuff to play with.. but you have to be nice to him as he is prone to fits of jelly.

so enough of the jelly let the game speak for itself.. keep an eye on announcements there might be little teasers coming now and then :smile:



  • His name comes from starwars.

I am English

All the Imperials in starwars were played by British Actors... and used british ranks, funny enough oh and one of my console engines was once used on a starwars game ... just for some trivia (and no not swg either which is...Viceroy

Oh, and here's a fun fact for you all - I actually worked with Viceroy at a previous video game company about 3 - 4 years ago. When he left there to go to Sony, I didn't see him again until he started here at TC Digital. Pretty cool...Blargers


Fetched from [1]

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