Viledriver is a Battlegear Card.

Card Information
Card Number [[1]] Dawn of Perim-161/232
Card Type Bgr Battlegear Card
Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
Televisual Information
First appearance Unexpected


The Viledriver is the Underworld's favorite gear- a stomping, flame-spewing, mechanical monstrosity! This might and menacing Battlegear was designed and built by the mad genius Ulmar, who was under orders from the Underworld ruler, Chaor, to build the ultimate Fire weapon. The first Viledriver that Ulmar designed had mechanical problems and eventually was destroyed in an accident at his laboratory. Ulmar soon built an improved model. Chaor wants to outfit all his military units with Viledrivers as an invulnerable defensive force. . . or maybe in preparation for an invasion of the Overworld.


The Card


In the Show

The Viledriver is far more powerful in the show than in the card game. It moves fast and leaps huge distances despite its size, and its cannons are extremely powerful.

Card Owners

Destroyed the real Viledriver after he scanned it, with the help of H'earring.
Scanned the Viledriver sometime before Kaz destroyed it.



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