Vinta is a Mipedian Creature.

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Vinta is a strong and agile Mipedian, with reddish skin. He often wears blue and gold shoulder spaulders, but those he stalks will not see him at all before it’s too late.

Background Information

Most of the time, Vinta can be found roaming the desert sands. He’s a trained Mipedian Stalker and, as such, his assignment is to guard the desert against trespassers. He serves the Mipedian Tribe with pride and performs his duties with gusto. For this, he’s held in high regard among his peers. During long stretches on patrol, Vinta witnesses some of the strange and wondrous phenomena in the Mipedian Desert. Sadly, he doesn’t yet have the capacity to fully understand them.

Special Abilities

Besides his great skills with the Element of Air, Vinta has the ability to turn invisible. When in combat, he will sneak up on his opponent and land a devastating first Attack.


Vinta is a proficient Mipedian Stalker who specializes in Invisibility and the Element of Air.

Basic Stats

Card ID 231
Tribe Mipedian
Rarity Unknown
Mugic Ability 1
Courage 40
Strength 60
Wisdom 35
Speed 40
Energy 35
Elements Air
Creature Height 8 feet
Creature Weight 355 pounds
Favorite Battlegear Mipedian Cactus


Favorite Location Mipedim Oasis