Vitog is a creature from the Spiritlands.


In the episode Son of the Spiritlands, Vitog came to Perim and challenged Tangath to another battle in order to seek revenge for destroying his talisar. He threatened to destroy Perim unless Tangath fought him, being able to due to his invincibility to non-spirit creatures. In order to push Maxxor into giving him what he desired, he began destroying locations throughout the OverWorld.

Maxxor gave Vitog what he wanted through destroying Tangath's sword, the Sword of Khy'at. Him and Tangath battled fiercly in the Runic Grove, with Vitog gaining the upper hand towards the end. However, he was defeated by Tangath with the power of the Runic Grove, which he gained through communicating with the First Tree. Vitog was absorbed by the tree.


A red creature with a dark mane, purple eyes, and a great deal of body hair. Wears a green loincloth and dark gold armor. Being a spirit, he is transparent.


  • Vitog before becoming a spirit.
  • Vitog in the Runic Grove.
  • Vitog being absorbed by the First Tree.