"I've got some unfinished business"
―Vlar, A Gigantic Mission

Vlar is a an OverWorld thief, Maxxor's ancestor from times long past.

Creature Information

Vlar is a cunning thief who is willing to do just about anything to get his hands on items he deems of value. After meeting Tom and forcing him (by snatching his scanner) to help steal Vlaric Shards from Kaal he was detected by UnderWorld guards and attacked by Kaal. Vlar escapes with the shards.

He found himself captured by Kiru and his companions afterwards who required him to aid in the search for Oraclon within Gigantemtopolis by helping the group out safely. Through a series of events he secured the Oraclon for Kiru, but stayed behind to fend off the giants of Gigantemtopolis and Gigantropers to allow for their escape. As a result of his actions he is now considered a hero of the OverWorld. Tom, who felt bad about Vlar's thieving ways, came to see what is truly inside, realizing that Maxxor comes from a long line of heroes.

It was presumed that he and his family somehow became the rulers of the Overworld Tribe after Kiru founded Underworld City. The Overworlders possibly elected him as their new leader due to his heroism at Gigantempopolis.

Vlar is capable of using Fire attacks to propel himself through the air and mainly uses the Vlaric Shard when in a battle.


Vlar appears almost as a younger or thinner, more agile, iteration of Maxxor. He has a lighter green colored skin (teal in the tv series), and sports a crimson red tunic.

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Creature Appearances

  1. Yesterdays Heroes
  2. A Gigantic Mission

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  • Vlar is the discoverer of both the crystalline mineral Vlarium, and the inventor of the Vlaric Shard, both of which are named after him.

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