Vlaric Shard is a battlegear that has been seen from the beginning of Chaotic, and was released in the Set: Dawn of Perim. The Shard grants creatures that capability of dealing extra damage with their Earth Attacks by providing the Creature "Earth 5".


The Vlaric Shard was discovered by Vlar, who would often come into Kaal's Mines to destroy small green stones known as Vlarium. He would then attach them to his wrist using leather straps, creating the "Primal" iteration of the Vlaric Shard.

This form was further improved by many creatures throughout time, eventually became the Vlaric Shard we all know and love today.


The Vlaric Shard was released in Dawn of Perim and granted a creature the ability "Earth 5". This became an extremely popular battlegear amongst creatures like Maxxor and Lord Van Bloot.

In the Secrets of the Lost City: Alliances Unraveled Set: The Vlaric Shard made a reappearance with the subtitle, "Relic of the Past" allowing creatures with Earth to deal additional damage with ALL their attacks. Since it is a Primal form of the upgraded version it could be destroyed when a player shuffled their attack decks.


Of all the 4 "Element 5" Gears which are Viledriver, Torrent Krinth, Torwegg and Vlaric Shard, The Vlaric Shard is the only battlegear that bears a resemblence to the "Element-Giving" Battlegears, which are Liquilizer, Pyroblaster, Cyclance and Diamond of Vlaric respectively.