Vollash is a Danian Creature.


Like most Danians, Vollash resembles an ant, though in this case one of the flying variety. Vollash has a red carapace and transparent blue wings. The rest of Queen Ilexia's top bodyguards have a similar appearance.

Character History

Vollash is a Danian Mandiblor. Unlike most Danians Vollash can fly and use air attacks. This is because he belongs to a group of flying Mandiblors who protect the Danian Queen.

Vollash was first discovered in a drome mach with Kaz and a young boy screened "Stinger". After that, Sarah went in search of Vollash to get a scan of the Danian Queen (but ended up with a scan of Vollash instead).

The Card

He is one of the few Danians that can use air attacks.

In the Show


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