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War Beasts
Peyton vs Klay-War beasts
Episode Information
Season 2
Official Episode # 11
Original Airdate Nov 22, 2008
← Preceded by Followed by →
Gigantemtopolis From the Deep (Part One)
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Battling in the Crellan Drome, Peyton faces his most fearsome foe ever -- a huge Creature with a titanic temper and pulverizing powers, known as a Mipedian Warbeast. A player named Connor, with help from Klay and Krystella, tricks Peyton into trading 20 of his cards for a scan of the Mipedian Warbeast Blazvatan. But after Connor giving him a bit of advice, Peyton and Kaz searches for the one type of creature that can tame the WarBeasts: Conjurers. He and Kaz meet fivarth, a Mipedian Conjurer who tells the two all about the Conjurers and the War Beasts. To prove that he is a conjurer, Fivarth summons the war beast Uberon. Peyton scans Fivarth and challenges Klay (screen name "Klaotic") to a Chaotic Match and his conjurer, Drimesse. When both players are down to Uberaan (Klay) and Blazvatan (Peyton), Peyton uses a Mugic that causes Blazvatan to lose his recklessness and win the match, leaving Klay shocked and disappointed at his loss. Sarah then tells Peyton to be careful of who he's trading with, to which Peyton agrees. The episode ends with Peyton, Sarah, and Tom each trying to get a rare scan from Kaz. (Toms offers a Blaze Barrage, Peyton offers two "imwits or possibly Outwits" and a Kashere Driftlands, and Sarah can be heard saying a Whepcrack and then that's when their voices begin to fade out)

Battledrome Matchup- Peyton (2) vs Klay (2)

Round 1 Klay Attack- Uboraan (Klay) attack Fivarth (Peyton) at Glacier Plains

Play by play- Fivarth is running for his life from Uboraan. Uboraan shot a fire attack and Fivarth was coded. Winner: Uboraan

Round 2 Peyton Attack- Blazvatan(Peyton) attacks Drimesse (Klay)

Winner : Blazvatan

Round 3 Klay Attack- Uboraan(Klay) attacks Blazavatan(Peyton) at Fear Valley

Play By Play: 

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  • This episode could possibly feature the Zhade vs Cyreox match and Orth vs. Kelvedran match previewed on the 4Kids Chaotic blog.

Discontinuity, Goofs, Plot Holes and Errors

  • When Sarah's hair is light yellow.

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