Warbeasts are creatures that belong to the Mipedian tribe. They are created by a conjurer and they serve a conjurer. There is a huge problem with these creatures as they are nothing but reckless. Hence the need to have at least one conjurer on the battlefield with the Warbeast. Because of the nature of their creation, Warbeasts do not naturally have Mugicians.


The first conjurers dreamed of creating powerful new beings that could protect the Mipedians and conquer their enemies. Calling on mugical essences and drawing on the four elements and eventually succeeded. Their creations were called Warbeasts. The Warbeasts proved to be incredibly powerful and were reckless and uncontrollable and overcome the conjurers. They soon threatened the very exsistence of the Mipedians. The Mipedian Nobles decided to rid themselves of the Warbeasts and the conjurers. Ages passed and the Warbeasts and conjurers were eventually forgotten.

One day, the Underworlders invaded Mipedian territory. The Underworld Army overran the Mipedian's and the Mipedian's defeat seemed ineviatable. Until a young Mipedian named Adomo hiding in a remote cavern stumbled apon the secrets of the conjurers. Adomo studied the conjurer's techniques and was soon able to summon Warbeasts, but unlike the conjurers of old Adomo learned to control the Warbeasts. He was then ready to confront the Underworlders. In the end, Adomo and his Warbeast, Uboraan, were able to defeat the Underworlders and restore claim on the Mipedian homeland. Adomo trained new conjurers and Mipedians learned to rely on their Warbeasts for protection, but the conjurers were regarded with suspicion and envy because of their enourmous power. They feared the Mipedian Nobles would destroy them again and chose to live apart from their tribemates until they are needed once more. And so they were. The conjurers were called upon during the M'arrillian Invasion with new Warbeats to assist with the elimination of the M'arrillian forces.

Known Warbeasts












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