Local Features

The Wooden Pillar is formed from the gigantic roots of the Great Tree of the Overworld's Runic Grove that over thousands of years has wrapped around a massive stalactite. This gnarled pillar, with its many hollows, is a treacherous place to fight.

Background Information

The Roots of the Runic Grove run deep, directly into the UnderWorld. In fact, they have grown around a huge stalactite to form Wooden Pillar. The roots appear to draw power from Overworld mugic, thus OverWorld Mugic that is cast in the area of the Wooden Pillar is extra taxing to cast as the roots absorb the mugicians released before they can activate the mugic. This phenominon has led to many OverWorld Muges looking upon the Wooden Pillar as an place of ill omens … and a location to avoid at any cost!

Card Text

The Runic Grove takes root here, and UnderWorlders believe it grows even further down than up.


The twisted, towering roots that make up the Wooden Pillar steal mugicians from OverWorld Mugic.

Basic Stats

Card ID 146
Card Type Location
Rarity Super Rare
Location Initative Wisdom


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