Xaerv is an OverWorld Creature. He often hangs out at the Storm Tunnel.


Xaerv is a Overworld creature that uses a variety of wind element attacks. When he is out of the Storm Tunnel, he is crazy sometimes and doesn't even have a clue of what's happening like accidently appearing at Iron Piller ( Underworld Location ). His current battlegear he appears to use very much is the battlegear known as the Torwegg.

Character History

Xaerv is cocky, friendly, fearless and a showoff by displaying his speed all over Perim, except Gespedan. Because his ancestor, Rav had friend that ressembles Gespendan only with teal skin and three blue horns. He is also friends with Tom and Kaz, after saving him from Krystella and Pryrithion.

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# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
8 Everything is in Flux No Yes
13 Battle Lesson Yes No
28 A Flux Too Far Yes No
34 Trading Cards Yes No
67 Legions of Aa'une‏‏ No Yes


  • Everything is in Flux
Tom and Kaz rescue Xaerv after he was decive by Krystella.
  • Battle Lesson
Xaerv is one of the creatures that Tom used againt Ursis.
  • A Flux Too Far
Xaerv appeared before a drome match between Sarah and Tom.
  • Trading Cards
Xaerv appeared in a drome match between Tom and Tartareker.
  • Legions of Aa'une
He appears as part of Takimon's armie, helping to defeat Phelpor's forces. After that he took part on the battle in Kiru's city, defeating various M'arillians.

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A Flux too Far-Xaerv appeared in this episode briefly when Tom was having a drome match with Sarah.

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