Yesterdays Heroes
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Season 3
Official Episode # 6
Original Airdate December 12, 2009
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Hotekk's Challenge Part Two Loser's Circle
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At first shocked, then disappointed that Kiru was actually Chaor's ancestor when going over Kiru's scan, Tom goes to Najarin to learn more about the history of Perim and who Maxxor's ancestors are. As Najarin becomes occupied searching for UnderWorld spy devices, Tom heads to Dranikus Threshold and travels back in time to learn about Maxxor's ancestors and has an encounter with that time period's Najarin. However, the exploration later turns dangerous when his scanner is stolen by an Overworld thief named Vlar (who's Maxxor's ancestor) and is forced to become involved in his raid of stealing crystals from a cavern. At the same time, Kiru attempts to negotiate with Kaal, an UnderWorld Conqueror. After all that, Tom returns to the present and mentions this to Najarin. Najarin reveals that he didn't tell Tom of his earlier encounter in order to keep Tom from learning Perim's biggest secret.


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In this episode's Chaotic Creature Quiz they portray Eremia as having all elemental types when she in fact has none (and is even referred as not having earth in the quiz).

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